Galaxy Messier 106
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Added April 21, 2019 ...
Spiral Galaxy Messier 106 is about 25 million light-years away and contains about 400 billion stars (as compared to the 250 billion stars in our own Milk way Galaxy). What is interesting about this galaxy is its large super black hole in the center where significant X-Ray emissions are observed. It is located high in the NE just above the Big Dipper around midnight in middle April. This is a 2 hour and 20 minute exposure center on midnight.

The Techy Stuff ... For those who want to know ...
Telescope: Celestron 11" Edge HD at f/10
Mount: Celestron CGX
Mount settings: Celestron PWI V2.1.25
Polar Alignment: QHY Pole Master
Guiding: Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro & 60mm Scope
Guiding Software: PHD2 ... (RMS Error: 0.24 px)
Camera: Canon T7i (Modified)
Filter: None
Settings: ISO 3200 at 120-second exposure
Total sub-frames: 70
20 Dark, Flat & Bias frames ea
Capture Software: Backyard EOS
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker at 2X Drizzle
Post processing in PixInsight & Photoshop CC
Bortle Light Pollution zone: 4.5 (Barely can see the Milky Way)
Sky Condition: 10 [scale of 0 (cloudy) to 10 (clear)]
No Lunar interference
Temperature: 58F
Location: My Backyard, Savannah, GA

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