Rosette Nebula
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... The Rosette Nebula February 25, 2019 ...
The Rosette Nebula, also known as Caldwell 49, is a lovely nebula about 5,000 light-years away. The brilliant colors are produced from the radiation from the young stars illuminating a surrounding dust cloud. There are numerous new-born stars inside the optical nebula. In the sky, it is located on the upper left side (East) of the famous constellation of Orion the Hunter in the constellation of Monoceros (Unicorn). This was the first clear night in about 2 weeks at my location with several more cloudy nights that were forthcoming, so this was my only chance for a while to capture any deep space objects, plus the sky was void of the moon. I was glad I picked this target and was rather pleased with the results. his was the first time I added some Hydrogen Alpha 12nm filter images (5) to the luminance channel of the picture.

The Techy Stuff:
The Techy Stuff ... For those who want to know ...
Telescope: Orion ED80T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor f/6
Mount: Celestron CGX
Mount setting and alignment via Celestron PWI software
Guiding: Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro & 60mm Scope
Guiding Software: PHD2 ... (RMS Error: 0.25 px)
Camera: Canon T7i (Modified)
Filter: None
Settings: ISO 200 at 300-second exposure
Total sub-frames: 18
12 Dark & Bias frames
5 Hydrogen Alpha 12nm frames at 300 secs added to Luminance
Capture Software: Backyard EOS
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker at 2X Drizzle
Post processing in PixInsight & Photoshop CC
Outside temperature 50 at 1 am
Bortle Light Pollution zone: 4.5 (Barely can see the Milky Way)
Sky Condition: 8.5 [scale of 0 (cloudy) to 10 (clear)]
Location: My Backyard, Savannah, GA

Earlier picture of the Rosette Nebula from my backyard

March 7, 2018
My first capture of the Rosette Nebula.
76 minute exposure ... 51 sub-frames at 90 secons each.

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